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Posted on 12 Oct 2011 In: PodKISSt News

R.I.P. Eddie Balandas (1952-2011).

R.I.P. Eddie Balandas (1952-2011). Eddie was known as “the voice of KISS Alive II.” His thunderous intro can be heard at the start of the album, and was a rallying call to the thousands of fans who saw KISS live in the mid-to-late 1970’s. I was lucky enough to co-host and produce a podcast to […]

Posted on 3 Oct 2011 In: PodKISSt News

Australia1980’s PodKISSt collection.

Australia1980 wrote: “I have been listening since day one. I have them all burned to CD, and I have a Caselogic holder just for these Podkissts. It’s getting pretty full. Here’s to 5 more years” Send us your pics of your PodKISSt Collections..and join us on Face Book.