PodKISSt Staff

Gary (gshaller) [Host, Editor]

Gary Shaller has been a member of the KISS Army since 1981 when, at the age of 5, he received the 1978 “Gene Simmons” solo album and was instantly hooked.

Born and raised in New York City, Gary received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2005. He had previously taught in the New York public school system (which was a brief topic of conversation the first time he met Gene Simmons in 1999).

Gary’s other passions include “Star Wars,” Pink Floyd, his own band (Lovebots), and most of all, his family.

Ken (nightwingken) [Host, Art Director]

Ken is a Commercial artist and production designer and has been a KISS fan since 1975. He is the administrator for the KISS Fan Site. Ken lends his artistic talents to the Kiss Army when he can.  Ken is a cartoonist, painter and musician. Ken is a veteran of many bands and did some radio.Outside of doing the Art for the PodKISSt, Ken also contributes interviews and other content to the show!



Matt Porter [Host, Head Wookie]

Matt Porter is the host of “THE KISS ROOM!” http://www.thekissroom.com/
Matt Porter is probably the biggest KISS fan I have ever met. He Bleeds real KISS Blood!

Craig Cohen [Host, Can pull off wearing a Blue Thong]

Craig Cohen brings his knowledge to The PodKISSt and also co – hosts “Zilch – A Monkees Podcast” &  The “Tricorder Transmisson”


And last, but not least – YOU … The KISS Army!


There is no PodKISSt without YOU, the KISS Army!

You are the reason the PodKISSt exists, and the reason why it will survive. Without your encouragement and ideas, none of our efforts would be possible or worthwhile. And better yet, without YOU the KISS Army … there would be no KISS!

So raise your glasses, KISS Army, you deserve a toast!