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It’s been 35 years and KISS are still going strong, as are we… the KISS Army! We’ve seen many changes, shared some triumphs and losses, and enjoyed many heated debates along the way. Yet the more things change, the more they stay the same. It’s 35 years later, and KISS are still celebrating (and using) […]

Posted on 3 Jul 2008 In: PodKISSt Shows

PodKISSt #6 – Two Sides Of The Coin (Part 1)

PodKISSt #6 – Two Sides Of The Coin (Part 1) -In the age of the CD and the iPod and the instant download, it’s easy to forget that there was a time when all albums had 2 sides. Even on cassette, there was a pause while you flipped over to side B for more fun. Be […]

• Our exclusive PodKISSt interview with Adam Black, artist and writer for the “KISS4K” online comic, conducted by our good buddy Ken • Adam’s insights into his experiences working in and around the KISS world • And, of course, plenty of great music!!! Make sure to check out our links and keep us posted on […]

Posted on 15 Feb 2008 In: PodKISSt Shows

PodKISSt # 5 – Each Sold Separately • 1978 P1

In the fall of 1978, TV viewers and pop culture enthusiasts got a double-shot of cheesy goodness. On October 28, “KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park” had its television premiere. Kids across the States rocked out as their heroes struggled valiantly against robots, monsters, and even their own dialogue! From Ace‘s Black stunt double […]

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PodKISSt # 5 – Each Sold Separately • 1978 P 2

Posted on 12 Aug 2007 In: PodKISSt Shows

PodKISSt # 4 • Creatures Of The Night: 25 Years

Well, folks… they say that time flies when you’re having fun, and for KISS fans this is certainly applicable. It’s hard to believe that 25 years have passed since KISS released the “Creatures of the Night” album… and yet, when I think back on what else was going on back then, it does seem like […]

Posted on 27 Apr 2007 In: PodKISSt Shows

PodKISSt #3 • Get All You Can Take

Sometimes, the really simple stuff is deceptively hard to understand. For example, here are a few tricky concepts I’ve been reading about at work, and trying to use every day: Everything that exists exists right now. • Nothing exists except for what exists right now. • This moment is what it is, as it is, […]

Well, KISS Army, here we are again! It’s time for the next installment of YOUR PodKISSt. Why is it YOUR PodKISSt? Simple: you’re the KISS Army! You did what the KISS Army has always done, you asked for KISS, KISS, and more KISS, so here you go. A full hour of KISS-related information, commentary, and […]

Posted on 20 Jan 2007 In: PodKISSt Shows

PodKISSt #1 – We Are Just Getting Started!

Hello and welcome! This is your first taste of what’s to come… a sneak preview of PodKISSt for you to download and enjoy! As we move ahead throughout the year, we’ll be making steady changes (and hopefully improvements) to the sound, content, and presentation of the PodKISSt… but we can’t do it without YOU! So […]