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Well, it finally happened! KISS have made public their plans to record and release a brand new studio album – their first in over a decade! Coinciding with this KISStoric happening is the 30th anniversary of another long-awaited KISS record, that being 1979’s “Dynasty.” Join us for another round-table discussion, one in which 3 generations […]

Here’s part 2 of our look back at “Dynasty,” and our look ahead at what’s to come!

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PodKISSt #14: Australian Bushfire Relief

We’ve long wanted to do a show about the KISStoric Australian tours that have delighted fans down under since 1980. Then we learned of the wildfires that have taken a tragic toll on lives and land. This was the catalyst for us to pay homage to the enduring bond between KISS and Australia. As the […]

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PodKISSt # 13: KISSed by the Nightbird

Join us as we recognize one of rock radio’s most influential and distinctive voices… the Nightbird herself… Alison Steele. At a time when people still didn’t know what to make of KISS, the Nightbird was one of the 1st radio DJs to allow KISS to explain themselves in their own words, on their own terms. […]

It’s KISSmas eve at PodKISSt headquarters when Ken, Gary, and James receive a surprising delivery from an anonymous KISS collector. Little do they suspect that they are about to embark on a KISSmas adventure! There are thrills, chills, and lots of laughs… and, of course, plenty of KISS rarities! – What’s inside the mysterious package? […]

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PodKISSt # 12 Part 2: KISSmas with Bob Kulick!

Our KISSmas celebration continues when Bob Kulick joins the festivities! Bob shares some exciting stories from throughout his career, and brings us the inside scoop on his newest project… a heavy metal Christmas CD unlike any other! Be sure to check out Bob’s great CD at this link: http://www.amazon.com/Wish-Metal-Xmas-Headbanging-Year/dp/B001DZN5XA

What good is a mind if you don’t change it every now and then? In recent weeks, the KISS Army has been buzzing with news of a possible new studio album from our favorite superhero rock band. Some fans had given up on the idea of hearing new music from KISS, due in part to […]

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PodKISSt # 11 Part 2: Dayton and the Donnas

In part 2 of this installment, we check in with our PodKISSt correspondent Geoff as he brings us exclusive coverage of the 2008 Dayton Expo. Plus, we take a seat in Ken’s KISS Kover Klass for a little Donnas 101. Got PodKISSt?

In this installment, we celebrate 2 milestones: the 2nd anniversary of the KISS Coffeehouse AND our 10th show here at PodKISSt!!! Back in August, we were invited to attend the festivities at the Coffeehouse, but neither James nor Ken nor I could make it. Fortunately, our correspondents Geoff and Mike traveled long distances through ominous […]

So. True confession time. Ready? OK. Here goes: How many hours have YOU spent staring at the cover of the “Alive!” album? It sucks you in, just like the album does. It’s (arguably) KISS at their finest. Gene stands leering at his bass… making plans for pleasure, pain… or both! Pete’s the cool cat with […]

Download Part 2 of our “One Live Kiss” Special Here! Our interview with “One Live Kiss” Director Louis Antonelli continues James gives us the scoop on the unique “Ikons” compilation (October 21, 2008)

Join us as we bring you a unique sidestep from our usual PodKISSt format. In this, the space between our regular PodKISSt installments, we thought we’d fill in the gap with a round-table discussion between PodKISSt staffers Gary, James, and Ken. The main topic of this discussion is the new “Jigoku-Retsuden” CD. We hope to […]

It’s been 35 years and KISS are still going strong, as are we… the KISS Army! We’ve seen many changes, shared some triumphs and losses, and enjoyed many heated debates along the way. Yet the more things change, the more they stay the same. It’s 35 years later, and KISS are still celebrating (and using) […]

PodKISSt #6 – Two Sides Of The Coin (Part 1) -In the age of the CD and the iPod and the instant download, it’s easy to forget that there was a time when all albums had 2 sides. Even on cassette, there was a pause while you flipped over to side B for more fun. Be […]

• Our exclusive PodKISSt interview with Adam Black, artist and writer for the “KISS4K” online comic, conducted by our good buddy Ken • Adam’s insights into his experiences working in and around the KISS world • And, of course, plenty of great music!!! Make sure to check out our links and keep us posted on […]

In the fall of 1978, TV viewers and pop culture enthusiasts got a double-shot of cheesy goodness. On October 28, “KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park” had its television premiere. Kids across the States rocked out as their heroes struggled valiantly against robots, monsters, and even their own dialogue! From Ace‘s Black stunt double […]

Well, folks… they say that time flies when you’re having fun, and for KISS fans this is certainly applicable. It’s hard to believe that 25 years have passed since KISS released the “Creatures of the Night” album… and yet, when I think back on what else was going on back then, it does seem like […]

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PodKISSt #3 • Get All You Can Take

Sometimes, the really simple stuff is deceptively hard to understand. For example, here are a few tricky concepts I’ve been reading about at work, and trying to use every day: Everything that exists exists right now. • Nothing exists except for what exists right now. • This moment is what it is, as it is, […]

Well, KISS Army, here we are again! It’s time for the next installment of YOUR PodKISSt. Why is it YOUR PodKISSt? Simple: you’re the KISS Army! You did what the KISS Army has always done, you asked for KISS, KISS, and more KISS, so here you go. A full hour of KISS-related information, commentary, and […]