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PodKISSt #38 (Part 1): “We Are One!”

Hit the road with the PodKISSt crew as we rally the KISS Army and celebrate the 2010 tour!  You’ll hear from fans of all ages, from the young to the young-at-heart, as they experience the “Sonic Boom” that is KISS in concert! This double (platinum) installment is larger-than-life, chock full of the live tracks and interviews you’ve come to expect from your PodKISSt! Don’t forget to check out both part of this one. HAPPY 35th BIRTHDAY, KISS ARMY! Now GET UP, GET YOUR GRANDMA OUTA HERE, and SAY YEAH!

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PodKISSt #38 (Part 2): “We Are One!”

Here’s part 2 of our 2010 retrospective as we celebrate the hottest band in the land and the fans who love ‘em! Interviews, live clips, and more? It’s PodKISSt!

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PodKISSt #37: Peter Criss (A Chat with the Cat!)

podkisst37300300It’s an honor to share with you, our PodKISSt listeners, an interview with a hero! Heroes are people who face adversity and come out stronger than before, and Peter Criss embodies that definition. We’re pleased to bring you an exclusive PodKISSt interview with this founding KISS member and true survivor, who tells us about his very personal experiences with breast cancer. On October 17, 2010, Peter will be participating in a walk at Point Pleasant Beach in New Jersey to benefit the American Cancer Society. PodKISSt has pledged our financial support, AND YOU SHOULD TOO!!! Visit Peter’s site (petercriss.net) for more information. Big thanks to Gigi Criss for her time and her kindness, and to the one and only Peter Criss. We love you, Hooligan!

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PodKISSt #36: Interview with a Seether!

podkisst36300300Every now and then, while your PodKISSt pals run around chasing rock stars and begging for interviews, a rock star finds us and gives us a kick-ass show for you to hear! Ken recently got a call from John Humphrey, drummer from the superstar sensation called Seether… and one hulluva KISS fan! Join us for music, memories, and mischief as we rock out with John… and go get yourself some Seether CD’s and concert tickets!

podkisst35300300copyOn this edition of PodKISSt, we continue our retrospective series on the “Alive” albums. We’re joined once again by writer extraordinaire Joe Casey (of Dark Horse’s “KISS” comic fame, and co-creator of “Ben 10″ and “Generator Rex”). Joe and the PodKISSt crew look back at “Alive III,” “Alive IV,” and the “Millennium Concert” disc. Loaded with great live rarities, this is one you won’t wanna miss! You wanted the best… aw, you know the rest! Click and enjoy! (Big thanks to Brian Shaller for his contributions, and much love and sympathy to Ferk on the passing of his grandmother.)

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PodKISSt #34: Farewell, Bill (Part 1)

podkisstban30034Without Bill Aucoin, there would be no KISS.

It almost goes without saying, and yet it can’t be said enough. As we mourn his passing, we look back at the remarkable life and career of the man who brought KISS out of the Diplomat Hotel and turned them into the Hottest Band in the World. On this 2-part installment of PodKISSt, we are joined by very some special guests including beloved photographer and KISStorian Lydia Criss, KISS Army founder Bill Starkey, and acclaimed KISS producer Kenny Kerner. They were kind enough to share their fond, funny, and frank memories of the one and only Bill Aucoin.

As you listen to these unique interviews, hear commentary from devoted fans, and rock out to KISS rarities, maybe you’ll pause for a moment (as we did), and consider the silence; without Bill Aucoin, our lives simply would not have had the same soundtrack.

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PodKISSt #34: Farewell, Bill (Part 2)

podkisstban30034We continue our tribute to Bill Aucoin with more listener feedback, more rare audio, and an in-depth interview with the man who founded the KISS Army, Bill Starkey.

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PodKISSt #33: The “Alive!” Legacy Part 2 (1977)

podkisst33300300In this installment of PodKISSt we continue our in-depth look at KISS’ “Alive” legacy by going back to 1977 and the release of “Alive II.” This mammoth record was emblematic of all that was right… and wrong… within the KISS camp at the height of their rise to superstardom. In the PodKISSt tradition, we bring you live and studio rarities from the Hottest Band in the World… plus a great report from PodKISSt’s UK correspondent Oliver, who tells about some crazy, crazy nights on the 2010 Sonic Boom tour! So hang on for a rocket ride from 1977 to the present, ’cause it’s never enough! Never enough!! Never enough!!!

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PodKISSt #32: The “Alive!” Legacy Part 1 (1975)

podkisst32300300copyThirty-five years ago, KISS changed the world of rock music with something they called “Alive!” More than just a live album, this was “theater of the mind” as only KISS could do it. They found a way to create a concert in your head, with bombastic explosions and deafening cheers the likes of which would level any real arena. The music itself was the sound of KISS having an impossibly perfect night, where everything lined up flawlessly without ever compromising their raw energy. The year 1975 marked more than just the original “Alive!” album. It marked the start of a legacy of over-the-top sonic souvenirs, outstanding packaging, and classic performances. For a band that has made its mark blending fantasy and reality, the “Alive” albums have set a standard of unsurpassed greatness. On this edition of PodKISSt, we begin an ongoing series commemorating the 35th anniversary of the revolutionary concept that put KISS on the map and forever changed how concert tours are documented. Join us for commentary, memories, and tons of audio rarities. It looks like we’re gonna have ourselves a rock and roll party tonight!

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PodKISSt Special Report: Cleveland Expo 2010

podkisstindyspecialpyHere’s a little extra from your pals at PodKISSt! Our correspondent Mike attended the Cleveland KISS Expo recently, where he interviewed Bruce Kulick and (KISSonline webmaster) Keith Leroux (big thanks, Mike Man!) So dontcha hesitate! Check out this exclusive content, courtesy of PodKISSt… the KISS fanzine for your ears!!!

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PodKISSt #31: “Unmasked” Anniversary (Part 1)

podkisst31300300copyOn this edition of PodKISSt we celebrate 30 years of an album that divided fans and took Australia by storm… “Unmasked!” This show is packed with PodKISSt goodness: We have a roundtable discussion, demos, live tracks, vintage clips, and a revealing interview with cover artist extraordinaire Victor Stabin (check our updated links section to see more of Victor’s great work)! Hey, PodKISSt listener… is that you?

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PodKISSt #31: “Unmasked” Anniversary (Part 2)

Our celebration of “Unmasked” continues with our exclusive interview with acclaimed artist Victor Stabin, who provides some vivid insights into the making of this iconic album cover! Plus, we hear what KISS themselves had to say in 1980 when this hotly-contested record was released. All this, and more… so, come on! Get your feet wet!

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PodKISSt #30: Klowning Around with J.R. and Mick!

podkisst30300300Welcome to the show, and hold on tight… here comes a wild ride!

On this edition of PodKISSt we are joined by two legendary members of the original KISS road crew: Mick Campise and J.R. Smalling! These KISS Army veterans gave us their uncensored, no-holds-barred insights into the early days of KISStory. Believe us when we tell you that you do NOT want to miss these interviews!

And in case that wasn’t enough, we get our asses kicked by the madmen of KLOWN, who turn the PodKISSt upside down and give us the scoop on their new “Alive II” album. And don’t forget, you can catch KLOWN, Mick, and J.R. at the Rock and Roll Carnival on March 13th in Charlotte, presented by the KISS Coffeehouse!

All this… plus a surprise appearance by Dirty Dee… on this larger-than-life 30th installment of PodKISSt!

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PodKISSt #29: Love’s a Slap in the Face

podkisst29300300It’s been said by many a KISS Army member that the music of KISS is the soundtrack to our lives. We at PodKISSt are inclined to agree! For anyone who’s ever put “Forever” on a mix tape to woo a potential suitor, or cranked “Two Timer” when love’s gone awry, this one’s for you! Consider it a belated Valentine from your PodKISSt pals. So snuggle up with your honey – or put a picture of your ex on that dart board in the basement – and welcome to the show!

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PodKISSt #28: “BK3″ Interview!

Bruce Kulick is about to unleashed a monster! His new album “BK3″ arrives in stores on February 2nd, 2010, and it is fantastic! Bruce was kind enough to grant us an exclusive PodKISSt interview, packed with insights and info about this great new album. Plus, you’ll hear the new single “Hand of the King” courtesy of Bruce!

Don’t forget that Bruce will be appearing at the KISS Coffeehouse on Saturday, February 6th at 2:00 PM for the “BK3″ release party!” Details can be found HERE.

Also in this installment, we check back in with artist extraordinaire Michael Doret, who gives us the inside scoop on the new autographed KISS prints for “Rock and Roll Over” and “Sonic Boom.” Don’t miss out on these limited-edition beauties!

All this, plus a live KISS klassic! PodKISSt 2010… the year we make KISStory!

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PodKISSt #27: The Ghost of KISSmas!!

podkisst27300300It’s KISSmas at PodKISSt headquarters. After their big adventure last year, Ken, James, and Gary decide to lay low and have a nice, quiet evening watching their favorite KISS DVDs… but ghostly phone calls take them away from their plans! It’s music, mystery, and merriment with a VERY SPECIAL CELEBRITY GUEST! Can you solve the caper before we do? Plus, we check in with Brian from the band Loveblast, who tells how to “Rock and Roll All Chanukah and Dreydl Every Day!” Merry KISSmas from your friends at PodKISSt, and see you in 2010!

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PodKISSt #26: Interview with Joe Casey

podkisst26300300Well, what a show we have for you!! First, James brings us his review of KISS in Nashville, 2009… his 1st KISS concert! Then, we have our exclusive interview with comic book legend Joe Casey, who talks about working with KISS on their Dark Horse series.

Big thanks to Joe, a huge KISS fan who gave us a fantastic interview! All this, plus live cuts and studio out-takes? Of course! It’s PodKISSt!Well, what a show we have for you!! First, James brings us his review of KISS in Nashville, 2009… his 1st KISS concert! Then, we have our exclusive interview with comic book legend Joe Casey, who talks about working with KISS on their Dark Horse series.

Big thanks to Joe, a huge KISS fan who gave us a fantastic interview! All this, plus live cuts and studio out-takes? Of course! It’s PodKISSt!

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What with KISS being the most visual band in the world, we figured it was about time we tried to do something visual too!

So as an experiment, we’re presenting PodKISSt #26 in a special, all-new enhanced format!

When played, this show will feature images specially timed to accompany the audio.

You can watch it here or download it to your computer. Looks great on an iPod!!!

Send us a message at podkisst@gmail.com and let us know what you think!

Click here!


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PodKISSt #25: Michael Doret and Cobo 2009!

podkisst25300300Our celebration of all things “Sonic Boom!” Thanks to our friend Alex (BagBoy on the forums), Ken was able to land a great interview with artist extraordinaire Michael Doret. Mr. Doret spoke at length about his involvement with KISS, from the days of “Rock and Roll Over” through 2009′s “Sonic Boom” album. Plus, we bring you our exclusive coverage of KISS’ triumphant 2009 residency at KISStoric Cobo Hall in Detroit. Live and studio rarities… insights and interviews… it’s all here! And if it’s too loud, you’re too old!

(Check out Michael Doret’s official website here: http://www.michaeldoret.com/)

podkisstlive24300300y“Sonic Boom” has arrived!

At long last, we have 11 new tunes to keep us rockin’ and rollin’ for years to come.

To celebrate this moment in KISStory, PodKISSt hosted a live, international call-in program where members of the KISS Army got a chance to weigh in on these new KISS Klassics!