9779194_origHappy Birthday KISS ARMY! NOV 21st!

join us for a bonus edition of THE KISS ROOM originally broadcast on Saturday, November 21 as part of Montco Radio’s KISS HUNGER GOODBYE event!

Matt Porter is joined in THE KISS ROOM by Bobby Dreher with special guests including
Anthony DeLucia, Joe Gillies and Anthony Russo from the ultimate classic KISS tribute, ALIVE! ’75
• Len DeLessio (delessio.com)
• JR Smalling (theoriginalkisskrew.com)
• Lydia Criss (lydiacriss.com)
• Ken Mills (podkisst.com)
• Pasquale Vari (kiss army nation tv)
• David Snowden (davidsnowden.com)
• Alex Richter (hard n fast)
plus Tony DeVille, Fran Galanti, Chris Hartman, Joe Favoroso and MORE, including a special message from the commander and chief of the KISS ARMY, Bill Starkey!

Join us every month for all of the KISS talk and KISS tunes that you expect in THE KISS ROOM!

THE KISS ROOM is LIVE on December 11, 3-5 PM EST, beaming directly to YOU via Montco Radio.