TKRFeb2017Join Matt Porter in THE KISS ROOM with Bobby Dreher!
* We talk to Tom from KLASSIK ’78 and debut some new KLASSIK ’78 tunes!
* We talk to Greg Muse with a recap of the Los Angeles KISS Expo featuring a walking tour with Peter Criss!
* THE KISS ROOM HOUSE BANDâ„¢ (Fran Galanti and Steve Foerst) plays a special set of songs for Valentine’s Day!
* PLUS the return of Chris Giordano to THE KISS ROOM!
* The PodFather Ken Mills with The Day in KISStory, your chance to win some KISS ROOM buttons and MORE!
All of the KISS talk and KISS tunes that you expect every month in THE KISS ROOM!
Originally broadcast on Friday, February 10, 2017 via Montco Radio, where Music and Minds meet.
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