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PodKISSt #25: Michael Doret and Cobo 2009!

podkisst25300300Our celebration of all things “Sonic Boom!” Thanks to our friend Alex (BagBoy on the forums), Ken was able to land a great interview with artist extraordinaire Michael Doret. Mr. Doret spoke at length about his involvement with KISS, from the days of “Rock and Roll Over” through 2009’s “Sonic Boom” album. Plus, we bring you our exclusive coverage of KISS’ triumphant 2009 residency at KISStoric Cobo Hall in Detroit. Live and studio rarities… insights and interviews… it’s all here! And if it’s too loud, you’re too old!

(Check out Michael Doret’s official website here: http://www.michaeldoret.com/)

podkisstlive24300300y“Sonic Boom” has arrived!

At long last, we have 11 new tunes to keep us rockin’ and rollin’ for years to come.

To celebrate this moment in KISStory, PodKISSt hosted a live, international call-in program where members of the KISS Army got a chance to weigh in on these new KISS Klassics!

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PodKISSt #23: KISS Goes to the Movies (Part 1)

podkisst23300300What happens when a larger-than-life band explodes onto on the silver screen?

On this edition of PodKISSt, we go to the movies with the hottest band in the world!

First, we had the pleasure of interviewing the great Lisa Jane Persky, better known as Dirty Dee from “KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park.” This was… without a doubt… the funniest, raunchiest, and sexiest PodKISSt interview we’ve done so far! Definitely NOT for kids!!! You will NEVER watch this movie the same way again!!! And if you’re a KISS fan, you owe it to yourself to check out the AMAZING t-shirt Lisa’s offering through ebay (click the link below). It’s the ULTIMATE shirt for any KISS Army member, and for anyone who loves “Phantom of the Park” as much as we do!

Heres the shirt!

Here’s the shirt!


CLICK HERE to buy this awesome t-shirt!!!

And if that’s not enough, check out Part 2 of this installment for our exclusive interview with “Detroit Rock City” filmmaker Adam Rifkin! Grab your popcorn and hold onto your seats!

Check out Lisa’s website!

To Download right click on the link below and save


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PodKISSt #23: KISS Goes to the Movies (Part 2)

podkisst23PART2In part two of our cinematic celebration, we bring you our exclusive PodKISSt interview with “Detroit Rock City” director Adam Rifkin… and plenty of the KISS goodies you’ve come to expect from PodKISSt, your favorite audio fanzine!

We also take a look at the fantastic comedy film “Role Models,” another movie in which the KISS phenomenon features heavily. If you haven’t seen this one already, what are you waiting for? Go rent it!

So face front, KISS Army! This one’s for you!!!

To Download right click on the link below and save


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PodKISSt #22… LIVE! (“Anomaly” Roundtable)

podkisst22At long last, KISS Army members and Rock Soldiers alike can rejoice; Ace’s new album has arrived, and it rocks! In this installment, our 2nd call-in live show, we are joined by Tim and Julian from KISSfaq who share their insights into this next chapter in Ace’s career. Thanks to everyone who listened and called in, and be sure to buy the amazing new Ace Frehley album… DO IT!

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PodKISSt #21: Interview With an “Anomaly”


Can you guess who called the PodKISSt this morning?

Buy “Anomaly” here!

Visit Ace’s official site!

podkisst20300300 copyOn this edition of PodKISSt we celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the KISS Coffeehouse with content you won’t hear elsewhere! Once again, Mike and Geoff made the trek down to Myrtle Beach for the annual celebration that has become the Woodstock of the KISS Army! They got the latest scoop on things to come from KISSonline webmaster Keith Leroux, met the folks working behind-the-scenes at the Coffeehouse, and best of all… they got an exclusive interview with KISS drummer ERIC SINGER! Many thanks to Eric, Keith, and everyone at the Coffeehouse for making this another great celebration of all things KISS, to Ken for the fantastic artwork, and to Geoff and Mike for making PodKISSt proud!

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PodKISSt #19: Tod Howarth is Calling to You!

podkisst19300300FREDIn 1987, the Space Ace returned to airwaves and concert stages with his brand new band, Frehley’s Comet. On this edition of PodKISSt, we’re joined by Tod Howarth, keyboardist, guitarist, songwriter, and erstwhile Frehley’s Comet member. Tod shares insights from an impressive career playing alongside artists like Ace, Cheap Trick, and Ted Nugent. Plus, he treats us to an EXCLUSIVE acoustic rendition of the Comet classic “Calling to You,” recorded just for you… the PodKISSt listeners! Tod, you rock! (Check out www.todhowarth.com for more news and info.)

It took KISS 2 years to release their 1st live record. So we here at PodKISSt figured “It’s year 2 for us… time to go live!” With a little help from our friends, we were able to make our 1st live show a success! The main topic of discussion was KISS’ 2009 Canadian trek, but naturally there were plenty of other things to talk about (not all of which were necessarily about KISS, per se!). Join Ken, Gary, James, Mike, and Geoff for the 1st of what may turn into a new tradition here at PodKISSt!

BIG thanks to everyone who called… you rock!!!

Rare live cuts? But of course! KISS news? For sure! Laughs? Plenty! Get clickin,’ KISS Army!

podkisst17300300 copyOn this edition of the PodKISSt we take a trip back to 1974 when KISS released their 2nd album “Hotter Than Hell.” In true PodKISSt fashion,we reconstruct the album track-by-track, with an assortment of live rarities and other goodies for you, the KISS Army, to enjoy! Join James, Ken, and Gary on a trip through this KISStoric record, and don’t forget to listen to both parts of this 2-part show!

podkisst171featurebanner460 copy


podkisst172featurebanner460 copyOur look back at “Hotter Than Hell” continues with more rarities and interviews, as well as the winning submission to our 2009 “Mainline” contest! Click, click! Click and enjoy!

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PodKISSt #16: Saluting the KISS Army! (Part 1)

podkisst16300300 copyFace front, KISS Army! This is YOUR PodKISSt! In this installment, we celebrate the greatest fans of the greatest band! Join Ken, James, and Gary for the longest PodKISSt yet… a 2-part, 2 hour program all about you… us… the KISS Army! You’ll hear an exclusive PodKISSt interview with KISS Army founder Bill Starkey, who shares his thoughts on the KISS legacy from their humble roots to the modern-day juggernaut. You’ll also hear letters from our listeners, heartfelt testimonials from long-time fans, and (of course) plenty of great tunes from throughout KISStory! So get comfortable… this is a double album!

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PodKISSt #16: Saluting the KISS Army! (part 2)

podkisst16300300 copyOur celebration of the greatest fans of the greatest band continues! Join us for more music, more memories, and more mayhem! Hang out with PodKISSt correspondents Geoff and Mike at the 2009 Indy Expo, where they chat with fans, friends, and tribute band extraordinaire Mr. Speed!

Come meet some of the newest recruits in the KISS Army! All this, plus your letters… and plenty of Kool Klassic KISS Kuts!

Who says this isn’t the year of the PodKISSt?

podkisst15featurebanner460copyWell, it finally happened! KISS have made public their plans to record and release a brand new studio album – their first in over a decade! Coinciding with this KISStoric happening is the 30th anniversary of another long-awaited KISS record, that being 1979’s “Dynasty.” Join us for another round-table discussion, one in which 3 generations of KISS fans are represented. We’ll revisit an album that marked the end of an era in KISStory, and look ahead at what 2009 has in store for the KISS Katalog. You’ll hear an exclusive PodKISSt interview with KISSonline webmaster Keith Leroux (courtesy of PodKISSt correspondents Mike and Geoff), and plenty of rare and revealing audio from the “Dynasty” era. This is a 2-part installment so don’t forget to download both files. And if some younger members of the KISS Army are in earshot, be forewarned: There’s some dirty language here… and plenty of dirty livin.’

podkisst15300300 copyHere’s part 2 of our look back at “Dynasty,” and our look ahead at what’s to come!

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PodKISSt #14: Australian Bushfire Relief

podkisst14300300copygo copy.jpegWe’ve long wanted to do a show about the KISStoric Australian tours that have delighted fans down under since 1980. Then we learned of the wildfires that have taken a tragic toll on lives and land. This was the catalyst for us to pay homage to the enduring bond between KISS and Australia.

As the bushfires continued, we saw a spirit of brotherhood come shining through. In 1998, Paul sang about “strength in numbers.” Maybe he was singing about the KISS Army, our international collective that knows no borders.

Upon learning that the PodKISSt was doing a show about the wildfires, the online KISS Army demonstrated remarkable solidarity by sending messages of hope. LoveGun07 wrote: “It’s been wonderful getting to know our Australian KISS Army brothers and sisters, and I wish them all safety.” Px74 said: “My deepest sympathies to all families and friends affected by the terrible bushfires in Victoria.”

On this edition of the PodKISSt, we’re joined by George Xirocostas, webmaster of KISS Army Australia (see our links). George shares some funny and moving memories, and provides us with information on how we can help those whose lives have been impacted by the Australian wildfires.

We hope that these stories and live rarities from KISS’ Australian tours inspire you to lend a helping hand to those in need. Below is a link to the Australian Red Cross. In the words of KISS, “Dontcha hesitate!”


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PodKISSt # 13: KISSed by the Nightbird

podkisst13300300Join us as we recognize one of rock radio’s most influential and distinctive voices… the Nightbird herself… Alison Steele. At a time when people still didn’t know what to make of KISS, the Nightbird was one of the 1st radio DJs to allow KISS to explain themselves in their own words, on their own terms. As you listen to these 1974 interviews, you’ll likely notice that KISS were still figuring themselves out. You’ll hear Gene, Paul, Pete, and Ace giving us some early insights into their unique brand of musical mayhem. Plus, as always, we bring you some rare recordings from throughout KISStory. So sit back, relax, and listen… ‘cause it’s KISSin’ time!

podkisst120120 copyIt’s KISSmas eve at PodKISSt headquarters when Ken, Gary, and James receive a surprising delivery from an anonymous KISS collector. Little do they suspect that they are about to embark on a KISSmas adventure! There are thrills, chills, and lots of laughs… and, of course, plenty of KISS rarities!

– What’s inside the mysterious package?

– Who is Wiggy?

– How will James, Ken, and Gary get back home?

– Which PodKISSt listener will win the KISSmas contest?

Find out right here!!!


– James Hager, Gary Shaller, and Ken Mills as the PodKISSt staff

– Bob Kulick as himself

– Larry the Landlord as Wiggy

– Jan the Man as Santa Clause

– Intro music recorded at Felosound Studios. Produced and performed by Ralph De Los Santos and Gary Shaller

– Graphics and artwork by Ken Mills

We’re very proud to bring you this 2-part KISSmas show, and we’re looking forward to a great 2009!!!

PLUS: As an extra bonus, click on the link below for your very own picture of Wiggy to color! How did we get it? Listen to the show and find out!


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PodKISSt # 12 Part 2: KISSmas with Bob Kulick!

podkissT12mainbanner copyOur KISSmas celebration continues when Bob Kulick joins the festivities! Bob shares some exciting stories from throughout his career, and brings us the inside scoop on his newest project… a heavy metal Christmas CD unlike any other! Be sure to check out Bob’s great CD at this link:


podkisst11300300go.jpgWhat good is a mind if you don’t change it every now and then?

In recent weeks, the KISS Army has been buzzing with news of a possible new studio album from our favorite superhero rock band. Some fans had given up on the idea of hearing new music from KISS, due in part to comments by Gene and Paul regarding the state of the music business and the questionable utility of a new release. Other fans said “never say never,” knowing full well the ins and outs, the ups and downs, of KISStory itself.

It’s been 35 years since KISS started.

Makeup went away and came back.

Costumes went away and came back.

Band members went away and came back.

Songs went away and came back.

Even some fans went away and came back.

Without change, KISStory would be a brief and boring tale to tell.

In this installment, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of an album that marked one of the biggest changes in the band’s career. That album is “Lick It Up,” and it forever changed how KISS was seen and heard by fans and critics throughout the world.

Join us as we revisit this excellent album in PodKISSt style, with the demos, live tracks, interviews, and discussions you won’t find elsewhere!