Well, KISS Army, here we are again! It’s time for the next installment of YOUR PodKISSt. Why is it YOUR PodKISSt? Simple: you’re the KISS Army! You did what the KISS Army has always done, you asked for KISS, KISS, and more KISS, so here you go. A full hour of KISS-related information, commentary, and (most of all) MUSIC, and best of all, it’s listener-driven. The responses we received to the 1st installment were varied and many, and we’ve tried to meet as many requests as we possibly can.

Keep in mind that this is only the beginning, so here’s what we’ve got in this episode:

– In our “Hooked on Rock and Roll” segment, we take a trip back in time to explore some of the music that served as an influence to KISS’ early songwriting. You may be surprised by how strongly late-60’s fuzz-guitar/psychedelic/garage punk influenced the thunderock of classic KISS, and who knows? Maybe you’ll add another band to your list of favorites!

– Next, we take a trip down to “Abner’s Laboratory,” where we witness the weird science that gives rise to the music of KISS. Some experiments yield rockin’ results, while others have never seen the light of day, until now! Put on your lab coat, and beware of the phantom!

– A frustrating financial fiasco that the fans WON’T blame on Gene? That’s right, we’re talking about The Great A&E Debacle of ’07!

– You wanted ’em, and you got ’em! We’re giving you a bevy of live KISS rarities! You won’t find these songs on any album that has the word “Alive” on the cover, but you’ll find ’em here!

– We dive into our big bag ‘o mail to find out “What’s On Your Mind!”

A big thanks to RisingForce, Fasterpdiddy, Ren5150, and the rest of our buddies at sagafoo.com for some of the kool, killer KISS kuts you’ll be hearing on the show. Be sure to check out kfkwkp.tk for Kevin Warhaft’s very own KISS podcast, as well as our friend Corey Nowlin’s site effnshirts.com where Corey puts his own wild spin on KISS t-shirt designs!

ALSO, don’t forget to send us your questions for BRUCE KULICK, who Corey will be interviewing at the upcoming KISS Expo in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Email your questions to podkisst@gmail.com and remember, there are NO guarantees, we hope the interview happens, and we hope your questions get on there! The more interesting, the better, we don’t really need to know what Bruce’s favorite color is!

OK, enough talk! Big thanks to the usual gang, and of course … thanks to KEN for your outstanding artwork and thank you TONY for the great sites you run!!! Now click on the link, and let us know what you think!


Posted on 20 Jan 2007 In: PodKISSt Episodes

PodKISSt #1 – We Are Just Getting Started!

Hello and welcome!

This is your first taste of what’s to come… a sneak preview of PodKISSt for you to download and enjoy! As we move ahead throughout the year, we’ll be making steady changes (and hopefully improvements) to the sound, content, and presentation of the PodKISSt… but we can’t do it without YOU! So please, send us an email at our
podkisst@gmail.com address, and visit us online at www.podkisst.com

This sneak preview will give you a chance to meet us (James and Gary), and to get a sense of what we’re hoping to do in future programs. You’ll hear a little about us, find out how this PodKISSt idea got started, and then take a trip back in time to February 17th, 1977, when the 4 members of KISS appeared on 99X in New York City to promote
their first Madison Square Garden show!

A big THANKS to Ken, Tony, and everyone else who worked behind the scenes to make this possible… and thanks to THE KISS ARMY for taking an interest in the project!

We want to stress also that this is a labor of love. The internet is not always an easy place to be a fan; while there’s no shortage of information (and misinformation, too), there’s also plenty of quarreling, complaining, and one-upmanship. By no means do we intend to overlook key issues in the KISS world (past, present, and future), but we do want this to be a positive show overall… a celebration of KISS, their music, their fans, and their impact on popular culture.

Throughout the course of our shows, you may hear unreleased recordings that fans have been kind enough to share with us. We want to stress that PodKISSt does not endorse the sale or distribution of copyrighted material. We also want to encourage you to BUY THE STUFF THAT KISS PUTS OUT!!! Go get “KISSology!” Go get “Live to Win!” Go get “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” on DVD!

And of course, we want to thank Gene, Paul, Peter, Ace, Eric C., Vinnie, Mark, Bruce, Eric S., and Tommy. You are KISS. We are your Army. If you happen to hear the PodKISSt, we hope that it reminds you of how important you are to your fans!

So sit back and enjoy… and tell us what you think. We’re still working out the bugs (the hiss, the volume issues, etc.), but as Paul would say…


Rock and roll,
Gary and James

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Now, in the words of the Demon… TURN IT UP!!!